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BRYCE is a power converter designed specifically for the Videonics Video Equalizer VE-1. Early models of the VE-1 used
an unusual external power supply the generated both a -5 and +5 output at approximately 600mA each. As these power supplies failed or were misplaced over the years, owners of the early VE-1’s were left without a viable power solution…


BRYCE uses high-speed digital switching integrated circuits to transform the 12v @ 1000mA input into the proper -5/+5 voltages required for the VE-1. These switching ICs are extremely efficient and produce almost no heat. It also has a custom-made cable assembly to match the unique power connector on the VE-1, ensuring compatibility. Durability and style are provided by the extruded aluminum housing and a barn red hard maple end cap. The output cable has both external and internal strain relief and the 12v input jack is recessed into the maple end cap to reduce stress on the connector. Atop the aluminum housing is a label outlining the input requirements and output specifications.

Each BRYCE is hand built and tested before it leaves networkXXIII. However, if you should ever have any issues with your unit, please contact us for possible repair or replacement. All BRYCE units have a six month warranty.

Nerd Specs:
Input: 12v @ 1000mA Tip+ (Unit can run on voltages as high as 24v, or as low as 9v, but was designed for a 12v input) Output: -5v and +5v @ 600mA each, supplied to a 5-pin miniDIN matching the pinout of the VE-1 power connector Switching IC: Texas Instruments TPS5430 Switching Voltage Regulator (one per output) switching @ 500kHz
Protection: Overcurrent limiting, overvoltage protection, thermal shutdown, and reverse polarity
BRYCE was designed without aluminum electrolytic capacitors due to possible failure at high switching speeds. Panasonic Conductive Polymer Tantalum Solid Capacitors (POSCAP) were used for their superior lifespan and ability to function with high switching speeds.

If you have a 12v 2.5mm tip-positive power supply that is at least 1000mA and has a 2.5mm tip, you can save yourself a few bucks by selecting that you do not need one at order time.