VuAGE VGA Sync Generator IC

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Ever want to experiment with just sending crazy signals into your old CRT VGA monitor but couldn’t figure out that pesky Horizontal and Vertical Sync nonsense?  Well, we got you covered, fam!  This little 18-pin DIP only requires a single external component (included!) and just +5v to generate the proper VGA sync signals for 640×480 at 60hz.  Hand written in high performance assembler and designed to be as accurate as possible.  Due to the wide range of VGA displays available, we cannot guarantee that this chip will work with every display, but we’ve tested it on many displays and haven’t found one yet it didn’t work with.  SEE THE MANUAL FOR COMPLETE USAGE INFORMATION: VuAGE_INSTRUCTIONS.PDF

Package includes:

  • VuAge 18-pin DIP
  • 4mz Ceramic Resonator


Ideal Timing:
Mode name: IBM 640x480@60hz ('Standard VGA')
Pixel clock: 25.175 MHz
Vertical refresh: 31.46875 kHz
Active horizontal video: 640 pixels
Horizontal Front Porch: 16 pixels
Horizontal Sync Pulse: 96 pixels
Horizontal Back Porch: 48 pixels
Active vertical video: 480 pixels
Vertical Front Porch: 10 pixels
Vertical Sync Pulse: 2 pixels
Vertical Back Porch: 33 pixels

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